Breakdowns & Budgets



Discovering the actual cost of your story.

Breakdowns & Budgets
Your script is only part of the story. Your screenplay is finished, now you can find out what it will cost to make your film. Ten Million? Forty? One Hundred and Twenty Million Dollars?! Stop taking shots in the dark. The individual elements that will make up your film must be identified in order to calculate an accurate production budget.

Take the next step. Utilizing our experience and the same professional software used by Hollywood Studios, we will break your screenplay down into materials that are needed and make you ready to hit the set. We will give you the nuts and bolts answers needed to intelligently discuss your project as a business. 

  • Transform screenplay into a shooting script (scene breakdown)
  • Create production boards (shooting schedule)
  • Schedule of day out of days (day/night shoot schedule)
  • Compile call sheets (actor & crew work schedule)
  • Complete a budget (approximately 35 pages)
  • Craft a production budget draw-down (scheduled use of funds) 

Providence has completed assignments of all genres and sizes. Our consultants will shape the budget with your vision in mind. If you want to include A-list talent, or would like to cut corners on locations your budget can change dramatically. We work with you to fit the budget to your needs.

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