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Your guides from Script to Success

It takes more than just another pair of eyes from yet another screen writer to get your project on the right footing.

Providence looks at the big projected picture for your idea: Is it a viable business opportunity? Most frequently it takes a paradigm shift to build a successful business. Many people hope to find someone somewhere who will grasp their vision and carry their film to success. We will show you how to take control of your success and make your project a reality. 

We are here for you. Providence was created in 2004 to help bring individual screenplays through the planning process. This will provide a professional presentation and solid business footing to independent productions. Since its conception Providence has been in demand for assignments of all genres and sizes. Backing Providence are individuals with decades of work in the film industry, the latest in industry software and access to detailed sophisticated business information. Our company and staff include writers, WGA signatories, producers, PGA signatories, directors, DGA signatories and business executives that have made their career putting the business in Show Business

We are ready to serve. For our mutual protection, all submissions must enter into a confidentiality agreement and waiver of indemnity to Providence. This is a service & consulting offering and does not guarantee acceptance or success of any individual project, script or intellectual concept by Providence or any other organization.

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